Kidney Cleanse

Why would you want to cleanse your kidneys? Well a kidney cleanse can eliminate those tiny but painful kidney stones. As there are many different types of kidney stones, the most basic ingredient to prevent, dissolve, and eliminate them is adequate hydration.

Kidney stones are tiny particles that form in the kidney. The majority of the stones pass through the urine without any problem or pain. However, when they become too big, they can become lodged in the urinary tract causing extreme pain and discomfort.

Kidney stones most often affect men and over 1 million Americans suffer from them each year. The average age for people to get the stones are between 20 and 45.

What are the symptoms of a kidney stone? The main symptom is pain in your lower side and back. You will also notice a burning sensation when you urinate and there are times where blood will pass in the urine. Nausea and vomiting may also accompany a kidney stone.

The most popular and simplest way to pass or dissolve a stone is the watermelon cleanse. All that is needed is a few large watermelons. Simply eat these melons throughout the day as much as you can. Because the juice is a natural diuretic, you will go to the restroom often. Many individuals have passed large stones with this method. (If you are a diabetic do not do this as watermelons contain high amounts of sugar. Consult a physician before this is done.)

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