How Often Should You Colon Cleanse?

Many people ask, "how often should I clean my colon"? This is a very good question and the answer will vary by individual.

There are some individuals who say that you should cleanse once a year. Just like your car should have a regular scheduled tune-up or a change of oil, so should your body be cleansed on a consistent regular basis. Once a year is accepted and practiced by many. Others say that a good time to cleanse is at the beginning of each of the four seasons or four times a year.

A more objective way to determine when you need a cleanse is just simply to ask yourself several questions: how do you feel and how are your bowel movements? Do you struggle to use the restroom and are you constipated? Do you always feel tired and sluggish? Do you have a lot of problems with gas or bloating? Just let your body speak to you, it can say a lot!

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