Top 10 Benefits of a Colon Cleanse

With the ever popularity of colon cleansing, one just has to ask is it really worth it? It's amazing that we regularly take a shower, brush our teeth, and even change the oil in our car. But how often do we take the time to clean our colons? Below you'll find ten colon cleanse benefits and just maybe convince yourself to give it a try!

1. Relief from constipation and diarrhea
When our colons have a lot of build-up, it makes it very difficult to have healthy regular bowel movements, often causing constipation or diarrhea. When your colon is clean, this is a non-issue, a healthy individual should have a bowel movement after each meal.

2. No more gas or bloating
Some of the fecal matter can sit days, months, even years in our colon releasing toxins and poisons. Gas and bloating is just a side effect of this condition. Eliminate the toxins equals no more bloating.

3. Reduce excess weight and feel lighter
It has been said that the average individual may have anywhere from 5-15 pounds of fecal build-up lining the colon walls. I've read testimonial after testimonial how people have lost weight and feel much lighter after a cleanse.

4. No more stomach cramping or abdominal pains
This is just the colons reaction to when there is too much waste clogging the colon. Believe me, if you have 5-10 pounds of fecal matter stuck to your colon, you will experience occasional cramping and pains.

5. Increase energy levels and vitality
After a thorough colon cleanse, you will experience a new boost in energy and no longer feel tired and lethargic.

6. Better absorption of nutrients
The body absorbs nutrients from food through the intestines and it gets its last chance when it reaches the colon. Here the nutrients are absorbed into the bloodstream through the colon walls. When the colon is clogged, absorption can be extremely low maybe just 10-20%. A colon cleanse, flushes out this excess buildup allowing maximum absorption for the body.

7. Flatter stomach and waist line
With no more bloating, gas, and excess weight, you will definitely see a flatter stomach. This is not to mention a thinner waist line! This is just a bonus!

8. Improved concentration
This is connected to benefit #6, when the colon is clean, the body is able to absorb nutrients and vitamins and at much higher efficiency and retention. This aids in a sharper mind, the ability to focus, and improved concentration.

9. Clearer skin and healthy hair
Do you suffer from acne? After you rid yourself of the toxins, your body will not have to fight these excess pollutants. This will give you a cleaner, healthier complexion.

10. Overall healthier lifestyle!
Let's face it, the above list should make it clear that a clean colon = healthy individual! You have nothing to lose (except maybe excess weight) and a lot to gain by a regular colon cleansing. Of all the products out there Bowtrol offers a safe, natural, effective way to gently cleanse your insides. Because Bowtrol is all-natural made from a herbal blend, there are no adverse side effects.